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On 26 December of the current year, Section 20 of the principal court of Madrid announced its decision on 18 December upholding the appeal lodged by Barclays Bank, SA, under the legal guidance of the Guarantee Fund for Deposits in Banks who assumes financial liability, against a decision by the Court of First Instance 4 in Madrid setting damages of EUR 26,478,544.08 payable to Domingo López Alonso, former chairman of Banco de Valladolid, SA, ordering actions be remanded to 13 June 2002.

This ruling, which cannot be appealed against, annuls the payment of said sum made to Domingo López Alonso on 22 December 2003, and is decisive for his claim for interest on said sum, which had been set at over EUR 1.3 billion.

The Guarantee Fund for Deposits in Banks has requested the Court of First Instance 4 of Madrid order Domingo López Alonso to immediately repay the unduly received sum, without prejudice to other additional proceedings.

27 December 2006